Living Grid interactive workshop with Forum For The Future

Living Grid interactive workshop with Forum For The Future

Posted on 15th November 2016

Do you know that, in 2015, we paid £90 million to wind farms not to produce electricity when the wind blew, because the surge of power would be too much for the grid to handle.  Or that many of our power stations spend half their lives turned off because they’re only needed when the demand for electricity is high? 

Stephen Clarke from Open Energi presenting at the Living Grid workshop

Stephen Clarke from Open Energi presenting at the Living Grid workshop

Low Carbon Oxford members were invited to an interactive workshop with Forum for the Future this month to find out more about the Living Grid, about emerging opportunities in demand-side management and opportunities for getting involved.  The workshop was run by sustainability NGO Forum for the Future, who are conveners of the Living Grid.   They were joined by Open Energi, who are the first technology partner involved in the project.

W Lucy & Co Ltd kindly hosted the event at their Eagle Works headquarters in Jericho on Monday 28 November.

Click here to download the slide presentation from the workshop.

More information on the Living Grid…

The design of our electricity network is the most significant factor in shaping our energy future because it influences the amount and mix of power that’s needed to keep the lights on.  The design of our current grid is tailor-made for providing secure and affordable energy from fossil fuels.  As we try to decarbonise the grid, adding renewable energy to a system designed to optimise fossil fuels is presenting challenges.

The Living Grid is a community of pioneering organisations who’re coming together to spark a change in the design of our existing grid to make it more efficient, resilient and perfectly adapted for renewable energy, using demand-side management.  We’re adopting demand-side technologies to form a new energy system that that takes inspiration from nature to deliver, store and use electricity.  Can the same design principles that govern complex living ecosystems help us adapt our network for managing flows of renewable energy?  Can the same principles that keep ecosystems in a state of dynamic equilibrium, help us adapt the controls we use to keep the supply and demand for electricity across our grid in dynamic balance?   We aim to find out.

If you have any questions about the Living Grid project please email Gemma Adams from Forum for the Future.

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