Oxford City Council sets out plans for electric taxis in Oxford

Oxford City Council sets out plans for electric taxis in Oxford

Posted on 9th August 2017

In a further effort to reduce air pollution, Oxford City Council plans to install £500,000 of electric vehicle charging points for taxis and phase out the older, high-emitting hackney cabs from the city.

The City Council is working closely with COLTA (City of Oxford Licensed Taxicab Association) on the scheme, which will see 19 electric vehicle charging points installed for the exclusive use of hackney and private hire taxis. The charging points will be ‘rapid’ and ‘fast’ chargers to enable drivers to quickly charge batteries during breaks. The aim is to install the first seven in 2018, and the remaining 12 in 2019.

The scheme also sets out, for the first time, the City Council’s future intention to set an 18-year age limit on all hackney carriages operating in Oxford and to require all newly-licenced hackney carriages to be ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

It is hoped that the infrastructure and licensing changes will see nitrogen dioxide emissions from Oxford’s 107 licenced hackney carriages reduced by 50 per cent by 2020. The Government estimates that new electric cabs could also save drivers and owners £2,800 a year in fuel costs compared to conventional black cabs.

The City Council won £370,000 of funding from the Government’s Office for Low Emissions Vehicles for the project.

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