About Low Carbon Oxford

Low Carbon Oxford is a network of over 40 diverse organisations all working together to reduce carbon emissions in Oxford by 40% by 2020.

Low Carbon Oxford brings together organisations from the private, public and not for profit sectors to transform Oxford  into a sustainable and inclusive low carbon economy. Members achieve this by managing their own carbon footprint, sharing best practice, hosting events on the latest developments and opportunities for smart and sustainable cities, and working together on city-wide projects to reduce carbon emissions beyond their own estate.

Launched in 2010 by the Oxford Strategic Partnership, the LCO network is core-funded and coordinated by Oxford City Council.   A Steering Group which includes representatives from five Pathfinder organisations meets several times a year. Terms of Reference for the Steering Group are available here.

Other ‘Low Carbon…’ organisations:

With a wealth of activity happening on this agenda around here, it’s no surprise that some people get confused between Low Carbon groups.  Here we try to explain some of the key differences…

  • Low Carbon Oxford – that’s us!  A network – not an organisation per se – coordinated by Oxford City Council
  • Low Carbon Hub – a social enterprise who are scaling up community-owned renewable energy projects across Oxfordshire.  Low Carbon Hub are members of the Low Carbon Oxford network.
  • Good Food Oxford (GFO) –  this is Oxford’s sustainable food network and its members are interested in creating a fairer and more environmentally-friendly food system for the city.  Many of  the GFO members are also LCO members – of course!

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