Oxford Bus Company saves over 100 tonnes CO2 a year with LED lighting refit

Organisation involved:

Oxford Bus Company


£65k investment in replacing lighting at Cowley depot with the latest LED technology, in order to save on electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.


One of our company’s core values is about operating in a socially responsible manner. The benefits of LED lighting have been known for some time but it was going to take a solid business case and considerable research to get the project off the ground. Our finance and commercial director, Luke Marion, worked hard to put together a solution that best met the needs of the business, as well as exercising our commitment to being environmentally responsible.


UK LED were brought in to survey the building and put together a comprehensive proposal for retrofitting the bulbs and fittings to the various areas of the depot. The costs were considerable and came from various sources but conservatively were in excess of £65k.

Outcomes and benefits delivered:

The investment by is expected to save us 197,000kWh of electricity each year, leading to substantial cost savings and reducing annual CO2 emissions by more than 107 tonnes.

Lessons learned/conclusion: 

Whilst there was a substantial cost outlay in setting up these lights, we will see the benefits in years to come. If you are looking at embarking on this kind of project, ensure you do your sums first and even if you can’t upgrade all lights in one go, start with the ones that will give you the greatest benefit and go from there.

Contact for more details:

Andrew Morison, Oxford Bus Company –  01865785400

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