Sulhamstead Site – Replacement External Lighting Project with LED Conversion

Organisation involved:

Thames Valley Police



There are regular call outs for failed light fittings and blown lamps on the site. This has become an expensive maintenance task due to the need for high level access equipment. The lighting is of high energy usage and has also become very poor and in-efficient. There were many dark areas due to defective fittings and the lack of ambient light in some areas would make it dangerous and intimidating for staff to walk through. Also good lighting makes the site more secure and safer.


A survey was carried out and a specific professional design provided a new LED lighting replacement scheme. It was calculated to achieve a comfortable ambient light level across the site, without creating light pollution for the surrounding area. Another benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is to greatly reduce the running costs and eliminate the maintenance costs. A specially selected fitting was selected to attach to the existing columns and angle the light output so as to light the immediate area but not throw or waste residual light output.

Outcomes and benefits delivered

The new fittings come with a 10 year guarantee so there will be a significant financial saving for Thames Valley Police with the reduction in call outs. Running costs and energy bills will be significantly reduced as will the reduction of the carbon footprint of Thames Valley Police. Calculations envisage a payback on the initial investment of £58,852 would be 4.9 years, achieving annual savings of 15,261 kg of CO2 emissions and £11,980. The project was delivered using the tendering system so we could be seen to be providing best value for tax payer’s money.

Lessons learned/conclusion

Feasibility reports have suggested that LED lighting schemes provide the quickest payback period for the initial investment. With the increasing costs of replacement parts and the existing lights becoming more inefficient the LED lighting schemes are reducing the carbon footprint as well as the maintenance costs for Thames Valley Police.

A spreadsheet has been developed that allows us to quantify savings in terms of energy, maintenance, and carbon emission savings against investment cost to calculate a return on investment. This has significantly improved business cases and decision making. Using this spreadsheet we will continue to assess and move forward any LED lighting projects which will reduce costs and emissions as well as improving the working environment for our staff to work in.

Contact for further information:

Neil Wickham, Energy manager, 07974 114492

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