TOE2 grants

TOE2 wishes to promote existing imaginative and effective schemes and help to inspire more local communities to get involved with making better use of resources and reducing their carbon footprint.

TOE2 will only support renewable energy projects at community buildings where energy efficiency improvements have already been implemented.

Examples that TOE2 might support include:

  • Making community buildings more energy efficient; please note that projects must be identified through an energy audit. TOE2 can provide energy audit grants.
  • Develop renewable energy projects for community facilities; where there are direct community benefits and profits go back to the community
  • Produce wood fuel through managing local woods for biodiversity
  • Encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste
  • Increase awareness of how communities can reduce their carbon footprint
  • Improve water efficiency
  • Encourage and promote more sustainable transport options
  • Promote, produce or distribute local food and reduce food mile

For full details and to apply visit the TOE2 website

How much is available?

£1000 to £2500

Who can apply?

See TOE2 website for details

How do I apply?

See TOE2 website for more details

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