Core Business:   Aether is a small environmental consultancy, specialising in estimating and understanding the policy implications of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions.  Its head office is in central Oxford.

Employees/Members:  21 staff

Aether’s turnover and staff levels have increased substantially since its inception in 2008, with turnover and staff levels almost doubling over the past three years. In December 2014, Aether expanded internationally, setting up a Madrid office in Spain.  Aether now employs 17 staff in the UK 5 in Spain.


Low Carbon Credentials:  Through its consultancy work, Aether supports organisations in monitoring and reducing the emissions associated with their activities, at local and national scales. This has included supporting Oxford City Council to write its Sustainable Energy Action Plan and developing a Sustainability Index for Oxford. Aether has been a certified carbon neutral company since 2012, and staff are incentivised to make sustainable travel choices (covering both commuting and business trips) helped by choosing a central Oxford office location. Aether has taken action to reduce emissions by making extensive use of teleconferencing and undertaking business travel by train whenever possible, including in 2016 to Croatia.

Interest in being an LCO member:  Through the LCO network Aether wish to promote a low carbon economy while sharing its experiences and engaging in a conversation with other LCO network partners.


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