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Core Business:  Amey is one of the largest and most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors in the UK, with the ultimate aim of creating better places for people to live, work and travel.   Amey’s headquarters are based in the Oxford Science Park.

Employees: 21,000

Low Carbon Credentials:  Amey is committed to operating a sustainable business and to delivering services which meet and go beyond the sustainability objectives of its customers.

Climate change and carbon management are increasingly important to Amey and its customers. Amey measures its carbon footprint and sets annual reduction targets as it seeks to both understand its full impacts and then reduce them.

Amey has commenced a SMART meter installation programme that aims to have installed meters to cover 80% of its energy consumption within properties that Amey currently occupy and where it pays the bills. It benchmarks energy consumption across its estate, use the latest technologies to reduce this, including solar PV, voltage optimisation and LED lighting solutions, as well as running behaviour change campaigns to raise awareness about energy efficiency.

The largest part of Amey’s company carbon emissions arise through its transport-related services. Amey has developed tools to support both its business and its customers in defining and managing vehicle emissions. It aims to:

  • Drive less – via route optimisation and the use of webinars and conference calls. To date, Amey has installed video-conferencing facilities at 49 UK locations
  • Drive better vehicles – reducing fuel consumption by using low carbon and high mpg vehicles.
  • Drive better vehicles better – addressing driver behaviour to ensure to support efficient driving.

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