Gnewt Cargo

Gnewt Cargo – “Gnewt” meaning (Green New Transport)


Core Business:   Gnewt is an award-winning, green delivery service provider. We are recognised in the industry for providing award-winning logistics solutions in city centres that improve emissions, congestion and pollution. Today, we are the world’s largest fully electric delivery fleet and currently the zero emission delivery firm of choice in London and within city centres in the UK and across the globe. Last year, Gnewt delivered over 2.5m parcels into London emissions free.

In 2014, a large national carrier invested in a minority stake in Gnewt enabling us to start our city take over – one city at a time! With Gnewts mission to create a GREEN logistics industry – and Oxford’s reputation of being a forward-thinking “GREEN” city – the location of Oxford for our new site was an easy choice.

Employees/Members:  105 employees

Low Carbon Credentials:  Since launching our Oxford deport in December last year, Gnewt have already delivered nearly 10,000 pieces of freight that a few months ago were being delivered by C02 emitting fleets which were increasing the city centres emissions, congestion and pollution. Our environmental impact is measured through independent assessment of our emissions (independently verified by the University of Westminster) to cut CO2 emitted per parcel by 67% on like for like deliveries and NOX reduction by 71%.

Interest in being an LCO member:  Gnewt is a proud advocate of the LCO network as the networks mission – of reducing carbon emissions in Oxford city centre – is the reason Gnewt expanded into Oxford. Gnewt’s vision has always been to become a nationally relevant carrier by reimagining city centre deliveries using 100% electric vehicles. Gnewt is dedicated to this and to diminishing the carbon footprint the current logistics industry has created to ultimately leave a better world for the next generation. Gnewt hopes to have the same positive impact in Oxford, as we have in London, by working with the organisations involved in the LCO network as we believe by working together we will have a better chance of making Oxford a cleaner city.




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