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Material Oxford  is a scoping study commissioned by Oxford City Council for Low Carbon Oxford to map out how we might, as a city, understand and track the status and availability of the natural resources that underpin our ability to function as a city.

Material Oxford is about understanding all of our material issues: what we need materials resources for, and most particularly understanding how we can make sure this train arrives for us, each day, on into the future, to meet our needs. And it’s not just about the materials we can move around. Some of what makes Oxford work as a city comes from our landscape –the fresh air, beauty, clean water, and space to live and work that we get from places in and around the city. In this report we present a new methodology for understanding and tracking the most significant of these material issues.


This report, and the research behind it, was commissioned by Jo Colwell and Mairi Brookes of Oxford City Council. It was carried out by Tom Curtis of 3Keel LLP, with detailed guidance from Ian Curtis and Julian Cottee of the Environmental Change Unit (ECI), at the University of Oxford. The early concept for the project was explored at a seminar held at Linacre College, Oxford, with the following participants kindly giving their time and input: Nick Brown (Linacre College), Malcolm McCulloch (Department of Engineering), John Ingram (ECI), Ian Curtis (ECI), Julian Cottee (ECI), Alison Smith (ECI), Miriam Saxl (AgileOx/OUCE), Bill Imlah (University of Oxford), Mairi Brookes (Oxford City Council), James Golding-Graham (Oxfordshire County Council), Adriano Figueiredo (Low Carbon Hub), Will Schreiber (3Keel LLP), Georgina Chandler (3Keel LLP).

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Written  by Tom Curtis of 3Keel LLP with forewords by Professor Malcolm McCulloch and Councillor John Tanner

Date Published

The report was first published on

7th October 2016

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Download the full report as a PDF here – Material Oxford

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