Sustainability Index

This report sets out to evaluate Oxford’s environmental performance in ten categories in reference to other urban areas in the UK and calls this the Oxford Sustainability Index.  The outcome is designed to identify environmental strengths and potential opportunities for action and improvement.

Oxford has taken huge strides to improve the environment but faces further challenges in order to achieve its environmental goals while also striving to increase its economic output and meet the housing needs as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK.

The results of the analysis indicate that Oxford performs better than average in most categories and scores particularly well in land quality, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and land use but shows room for improvement in sectors such as renewable energy and transport.

Overall Oxford City Council’s policies and strategies perform well compared to those set by other local authorities, including aims to improve local air quality through the Low Emission Zone, the proposed future Zero Emission Zone, GHG reduction commitments through the Covenant of Mayors and contaminated land strategies.


Ryan Glancy and Christofer Ahlgren, Aether

Date Published

The report was first published on

May 2016

Further Information

Download the full report here:  oxford-sustainability-index-2016

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